The Team

Saman Razavi

Full-Stack Game Developer

Michael Lambertz

Game Developer

Max Jonas

Environment Artist

Simon de Payrebrune

Character Artist

Stellan Joerdens

Character Artist

Crafting Games, Upholding Integrity

At GoraGames, our love for games runs deep. We are not just developers; we are gamers who understand the importance of preserving the essence of gaming. Our commitment to ethical game development is unwavering, and we proudly reject any form of pay-to-win or similar mechanics that compromise the core principles of fun and fairness.

From the outset, we made a conscious decision to deviate from conventional monetization models, opting to forgo substantial profits for the sake of moral correctness. This is a testament to our dedication to creating games that prioritize player enjoyment and uphold the spirit of fair play.

While mobile gaming may pose challenges in steering clear of dubious practices, our primary focus has always been on larger PC games. Here, we actively combat morally questionable models, determined to contribute to a gaming industry free from exploitative practices.

At GoraGames, we go beyond merely avoiding harmful practices; we are driven to develop diverse and dynamic gameplay experiences. Our commitment is evident in our game design choices, such as the randomized mechanics in our mini-game „Run.“ Doors that function alternately and islands that move unpredictably ensure that every player, regardless of experience, enjoys a level playing field.

Our ethos revolves around creating games that not only entertain but also adhere to a higher standard of morality. Join us in our journey as we continue to champion fairness, creativity, and an unwavering love for gaming at GoraGames.