Goragames is a game studio in Cologne.

A small, though long living company founded in 2012 by Saman Razavi. I’m a coder and have thus far created content on almost any platform. While focused on web content I also made several mobile Apps for Windows, iOS, and Android as well as administrative java and c# software for various entities. Currently I’m developing games using Epic Games – Unreal Engine 5. I create multiplatform games for PC / Xbox Series X/ PS5 / Mobile starting out small and pointing towards creating my own high quality games.

My Unreal Engine 5 - Assets

Horror Ghost Carolin
Carolin is a high poly character and rigged to the UE4 Skeleton including facial morph targets, ready for your own facial animations.
UE4 - Marketplace
Abandoned Haunted House
The old abandoned haunted house, is a vintage wood house. A must for those wanting to bring a spooky horror game experience or filling your village.
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My Unreal Engine 5 - Cinematics

My Unreal Engine 5 - Overview and Tutorials

Project Stonebridge - Concepts

Project Stonebridge - Content

Project Stonebridge - Music